Stefani Carter's Stand on the Issues

Job Creation – YES

The verdict is in and the federal stimulus plan has failed to create the jobs that were promised. In Texas, thankfully, while things aren’t great, they’re a lot better than in any other state around the country. We are blessed here with the strongest economy in the world. Let’s not forget that. And it’s due to strong conservative Republican leadership here that years ago decided against out of control spending and higher taxes. Stefani Carter will vote for additional tax cuts that allow employers to retain workers they may have laid off otherwise.

More Government Debt – NO

Politicians in Washington D.C. are bankrupting our country. Need proof? Back in the 1960s every baby born in this country was born with about $2,000 in federal government debt for which that child would be responsible over the course of his or her lifetime. Know what that number is today? Closing in on $44,000 in federal debt for every baby born in America. Stefani Carter will vocally oppose federal government earmarks.

Reducing Government Spending – YES

Stefani Carter favors the plan to cap state government spending at last year’s budgeted amount plus inflation and accounting for population growth. Families in our community have to tighten our belts in this recession. The government should do the same. But since they won’t, we’ll make them.

Higher Taxes – NO

Too many of our community’s residents are being hit with higher tax bills. This must end. It’s just not fair for taxpayers to pay more. Stefani Carter will oppose any tax increases, any time.  View Stefani’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Tough on Crime – YES

As a former prosecutor, Stefani Carter will fight to keep violent criminals behind bars where they belong. The reality is that most of the crimes we fear are committed by a very small group of very bad people. We need to find them, capture them and throw them in jail – for good. As a conservative, you can count on Stefani to provide support for victims and little sympathy for those who prey on our families.

Illegal Immigration – NO

Illegal immigration is just that – “Illegal” and should be combated via every reasonable means. Stefani Carter favors requiring businesses to verify the immigration status of their workers and fine them for intentionally hiring those who are in the country unlawfully. Stefani also supports our state’s ability and responsibility to pick up where the federal government is falling down on the job. If they won’t fix it, Texas will. Stefani does not believe that our taxpayer dollars should be spent on illegal immigrants, but instead on the hard-working families and children who are in Texas legally.

Government-Controlled Healthcare – NO

There’s a great bumper sticker out there. It reads; “If you thought healthcare was expensive now, just wait til it’s free.” Since when did a government takeover makes things more customer friendly and lower costs? The answer is never. Stefani Carter will fight any attempts by the Obama Administration to force feed socialized medicine to Texas families.

Pro-life – YES

Stefani was born and raised a pro-life Catholic. She values the sanctity of human life.

Pro 2nd Amendment – YES

Based on her experience in law enforcement, Stefani knows that we cannot depend on the Police to always be there when we need them most. The best deterrent to violent crime is a firearm in the household and trained citizens, who know how to handle themselves. Stefani always believes in the simple statement contained in our nation’s Constitution, “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

More Welfare – NO

Unfortunately, because of the entitlement attitude coming out of Washington DC, we have more and more people just deciding to stop taking care of themselves. Crazy incentives pay people more to sit on the sidelines rather than try to get back into the workforce. It’s time for everyone to be reminded that America has always represented limitless opportunity, not a guaranteed outcome. Stefani Carter will work hard to remind the liberals that taking from some (through ever increasing taxes) and giving to others has never worked for long.

Public Education – YES

For years politicians have been telling us what we wanted to hear and then voting to increase both state and federal control over our local schools. Their one-size-fits-all mentality has got to change and Stefani Carter will vote to allow local schools, local parents and local teachers to determine how our children are to be educated – not bureaucrats. What’s right for one school district may not work elsewhere. It’s time to stop paying lip service to the idea of local control and start acting on it. Stefani strongly believes that there is an urgent need for structural reform in our public schools to ensure that more money stays in the classrooms.

Stefani believes education is the great equalizer and the quest for higher education should be in every child’s heart. Stefani Carter is a product of our public schools and the daughter of a former elementary school teacher. She’s served on the state’s Board for Educator Certification and she knows that there’s room to improve and grow if we allow the local schools and parents to lead the way.

Voted against bill enacting cuts to public education

Voted against teacher pay cuts

Voted against increasing the number of classroom sizes